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Welcome to the Home of the U.S. Crossbow Club.

The U.S. Crossbow Club is a Maryland Based organization that provides a service and benefits
package to the crossbow hunter and enthusiast world wide.  You do not have to be a Maryland
resident, or even a U.S. Citizen to enjoy the benefits of becoming a participating member of the
U.S. Crossbow Club . The U.S. Crossbow Club is structured to provide a complete service to the
crossbow hunter, enthusiast, community and the industry WORLDWIDE!

Joining is easy! You can sign up online using our paypal feature. You do not have to have PayPal,
we except all major credit cards. By joining, your yearly fee goes directly to fund the efforts of the
U.S. Crossbow Club . If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us directly.

As a member of the U.S. Crossbow Club, you receive:

• A website dedicated to the crossbow enthusiast.
• A  crossbow only Facebook page.
• Access to the USCC Official National Crossbow Big Game Register
• Access to the USCC National Awards Program
• PayPal ease.
• Quarterly Membership Meetings.
• News and Updates.
• Representation in Annapolis and Washington on Laws and Regulations.
• Window Decal.
• Membership Card.
• Welcome Package.
• Discounted Hunting Trips.
• Archery Range & Practice Facility.
• Discounts from Local Sponsors.
• FREE listing of Swap, Sale and Wanted Items.
• FREE outfitter, Lodge and Guiding Service Referrals.
• FREE assistance to out of state crossbow hunters that belong to another crossbow organization.
• FREE membership transferring for members of other crossbow organizations (We will honor the
time remaining on your current membership card).
• FREE Membership transferring to anyone, for any reason, at any time.
• FREE posting of your favorite photographs.
• FREE listing of swap, sale and wanted items.
• FREE outfitter, lodge and guiding service referrals.
• Crossbow Connection Magazine
Dennis Ray Britton, Founder and President
12906 Tower Road
Thurmont, Maryland 21788
Office: 301-256-7547